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God Brought You Here To Me (mp3)


You Hold My Heart In Your Hands (mp3)


I Got A Winner In You (mp3)


Give Me Just A Little Time (mp3)


James Getman

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James Getman

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Wish You Were Here

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James Getman Music



James Getman is a native Californian who grew up in the small town of  Ojai in Ventura County. When he was 12, he heard Merle Haggard on his dad’s eight track player singing Lonesome Fugitive and he was hooked. That is what he wanted to do! He saved his money and went to Western Auto store and bought a $19.00 guitar because his sister’s boyfriend, who played guitar, said he’d teacher him some three  chords. 

After he and his family moved to Tulare County when he was thirteen, he spent many hours helping his dad in his beekeeping business. Blasting out country music on the truck radioout in the Tulare lake bottom , James would escape in the music of Merle Haggard, Charlie Pride, Don Williams and others. He fell in love with Country Music, Long hours of practice began. 

When he heard that Merle Haggard  would be performing in Fresno, he had to go! It turned out to be his chance to meet his idol for the first time. He met Merle at the back stage door. As they were walking toward Merle’s bus, James asked Merle what he should do to be successful in the music business. Merle replied, “Play, just play!”

After James moved to Bakersfield, he started playing the Honky-Tonks, and ended up playing at  Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace. Then James moved to Nashville and spent the next 14 years playing the clubs on the famous Lower Broadway and out on the road. 

James has recorded several albums. He charted songs on the Nashville Country Chart. “God Brought You Here To Me” went number one. It has been a favorite at many weddings and played all over the world! 

James Also Plays Rock ,Blues And Pop.

James Getman's Music can be found on iTunes  and Spotify. 

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